About Us

Who dis? Dogetrix (www.dogetrix.com) a legally incorporated private limited company in United Kingdom under the name of "THE DOGEFATHER LTD".
Fear, uncertainty and doubt? Verify company documents and ID 13418957 at: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk

Why did you choose Dogecoin? Because of its potential, popularity and use case. Our goal is to bring innovative and alternative passive income strategies into cryptocurrency sphere through Dogecoin, additionally we also truly believe in Elon Musk's vision of Dogecoin reaching 1 USD and beyond by end of year. Disbelievers do not actually trust in this forecast because they yet see the coin as a joke - basically an old fork of Bitcoin.
However its technology is about get one of the biggest updates ever according to the words of the dev team who has been actively working on this update since 2019 with the help of Elon Musk itself through advices, inputs, and his contact list. Worth mentioning the Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin as well after having confirmed his role of advisor for the Dogecoin Foundation. Billionarie Mark Cuban is also another active important supporter of this project and dozens of others!

How can I trust you with my money? We would suggest that you start saving small amounts first until we have earned your trust after which you can save larger amounts with us if you feel comfortable doing so. Verify our trust score here:

Google Transparency Report --- Trustpilot Reviews --- IsLegitSite Trust Summary

How do you safely store cryptos? We use a combination of hot wallets, hardware wallets (Trezor & Ledger) and BIP38 encrypted paper wallets to store cryptos. At no time do we keep more than 10% of our total cryptos in the hot wallet which is used for making payouts. The hardware wallet is used as a "warm" wallet and cryptos are transferred from it to the hot wallet as required.
Our paper wallets serve as our "cold" storage with the wallets generated on an air-gapped computer running Tails OS. Our hardware and paper wallets are also secured against physical theft as the hardware wallet requires a pin code and encryption password to access and the private keys in the paper wallet are encrypted which means that the coins in the wallet cannot be accessed without having both the private key and the encryption password. We also keep physical copies of the cold storage wallets at multiple locations.

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