Event on: BeerMoneyForum
Start Date: 18/10/2021 @ 16:00:00 UTC
Duration: one month

Got paid? Share it!

📢 Share on BMF your DOGE payment proof/s
👉 Send your comment to @DogetrixNFR
💎 Get rewarded for having supported us

You will get rewarded with an NFR worth up to 25000 mDOGE right away!
You can get rewarded only the first time but feel free to continue sharing your deposit and payment proofs in there.

Event On: Telegram
Start Date: 04/09/2021 @ 00:00 UTC
Duration: expired

Telegram where the people matter

Claim your first ever NFR containing up to 100000 mDOGE by joining our Telegram group and then invite at least one friend.

Secondly send DM to @DogetrixNFR:
PubKey ...
I invited ... (@username)

Inviting fake profiles will not reward you.
You will get rewarded within 24 hours.


Event on: Twitter
Start Date: 13/09/2021 @ 09:30:00 UTC
Duration: expired

Follow, like, retweet and comment

📢 Follow us @dogetrix
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👉 Comment with your pubkey followed by hashtags:
#dogetrix #doge #altcoin #elonmusk

You will get rewarded with an NFR worth up to 5000 mDOGE right away!

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