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We would ask all members to direct all support/sales inquiries to our helpdesk. Simply submit a ticket and keep track of the ticket ID. We will reply to the ticket and resolve the issue over helpdesk. This will help streamline our support process better and in return will be able to provide you a better experience.
Once you have submitted your ticket be sure to keep hold of your ticket ID so you can keep track of your ticket and reply to it when you need to.

IMPORTANT: Do not open more than one ticket per issue.
Opening duplicate tickets will result in us ignoring your requests.
Please allow our support up to 24 hours to reply/resolve your issue.

Dogetrix is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries, a technology that is usually related to the DeFi term.
Our platform allows everyone to earn free dogecoins through a combination of algorithms and computing resources.

100% safe: immune to DDoS attacks, cookies free, private and not storing any sort of sensitive data as long as you are connected to our .onion address on Tor:


DOGE is the official price ticker of Dogecoin the cryptocurrency.
mDOGE stands for milli-DOGE and it is simply an unit of measure:

1 DOGE = 1,000 mDOGE
10 DOGE = 10,000 mDOGE
100 DOGE = 100,000 mDOGE
1,000 DOGE = 1,000,000 mDOGE
10,000 DOGE = 10,000,000 mDOGE
100,000 DOGE = 100,000,000 mDOGE
1,000,000 DOGE = 1,000,000,000 mDOGE
10,000,000 DOGE = 10,000,000,000 mDOGE
100,000,000 DOGE = 100,000,000,000 mDOGE

Yes, you can deposit from any exchange in the world.

Yes, you can deposit with any software and hardware wallet.

Withdrawals are processed within a few minutes by our system upon request with no further human factor required.

It is the tool where magic takes place!
Every staking interest is offline stored in there, therefore the only action required by the user it is to collect the staking interest before staking pool's max. capacity is hit.
To help you time it we have introduced a progress bar, hence we recommend you to collect before 100% is reached.

The pubkey is your unique identifier on Dogetrix chain, just like a Bitcoin address or Tor link, meaning you can safely share it to other users as well as on forums, chats etc.

Dogetrix offers a very profitable referral program that allows you to earn 10% commission from your referral's staking interests.
Max. referral commission you can get from a single staking interest: 100 DOGE
You can find the "Referral Program" link on "Earn More" menu when logged in.

It is very likely that your ongoing transaction is still unconfirmed on the blockchain.
This process usually takes up to 60 minutes.

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