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Welcome to Dogetrix the wonderland of crypto staking.
Our staking pools allow the stakeholders to earn free dogecoins every second up to $8.98 monthly (approx.) through a very innovative and one of a kind way!
Every second you will be rewarded with Dogecoin staking interest that can be collected every hour and this simple task will only take you a few seconds.

Not satisfied at all? You can earn +100% monthly yield from any of the 25 staking pools we made available.
The annual percentage yield (APY) we offer is the highest you can find in the DeFi market right now.
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What are you waiting for? Do not waste time, time is doge and vice versa! Start this journey right away!
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Accepted Payment Metods Dogecoin Bitcoin Litecoin Perfect Money allows deposits by Bank Wire Transfer
No mandatory deposits required - optional purchases

Do you want to know how it's done inside? Try the DEMO VERSION with millions of DOGE

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Why Choose Us

  • Earn free dogecoins every second
  • Instantly processing payments
  • The most profitable DeFi project
  • Highest annual percentage yield (APY)
  • No KYC / ID verification 100% anonymous
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